Film series: Contemporary World Cinema

Student working on film projector

Cornell Cinema regularly premieres award-winning international films that otherwise wouldn’t screen in Ithaca, and this Spring we offer seven Ithaca premieres (in addition to films in our Francophone and Sub-Saharan Africa series) set in Japan (The Wheel of Fantasy and Fortune—a melancholic triptych by the director of Drive My Car), a thriller set in Argentina during the dirty war (Azor); a story of queerness and prison over three decades set in Germany (Great Freedom);  and films set in 1980s Romania (Uppercase Print), as well as modern Syria (Neighbours) and India (Pebbles). 

All of the films have appeared on Best of 2021 lists by film critics, and Great Freedom is one of fifteen titles shortlisted for Best International Feature Oscar.

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image from the film Azor


image from the film Great Freedom

Great Freedom

image from the film Pebbles


image from the film Neighbours


image from the film Uppercase Print

Uppercase Print

image from the film Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (on demand Jan 26–Feb 6)

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (on demand Jan 26–Feb 6)

image from the film Drive My Car

Drive My Car