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Thank you for a great semester of movies at Cornell Cinema — please share your experience by filling out our end-of-year survey. Our programming will resume in August 2024!

Cornell Cinema is one of the leading campus film exhibition programs in the country and an integral part of the fabric of campus life at Cornell. The cinema presents more than 75 films each semester and features an eclectic mix of contemporary and classic titles from around the globe. Working in collaboration with partners across campus and beyond, Cornell Cinema seeks to spark curiosity, advance understanding, and connect diverse communities through collective encounters with the art of film.

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Save on our already low ticket prices with the Cornell Cinema All-Access Pass!  

Book free tickets for all regular movies through the academic year for one low price: 

  • $40 for General Public

  • $30 for Students (incl. K–12)

  • $25 for Cornell Graduate & Professional Students

See our Visit page for more details.

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Cornell Cinema has been in existence since 1970 and for five decades has broadened the horizons of tens of thousands of students and community members. We rely on annual assistance from individual donors to present a high-caliber program year after year, and to remain nimble and responsive to rapidly evolving technologies & circumstances that change the ways films are released and experienced.

A donation from you, large or small, will help us continue to offer the wide variety and quality of films patrons have come to expect from Cornell Cinema, as well as present the increasingly important live events (visiting filmmakers, live music/film performances) that bring people into the theatre at a time when there are so many alternative ways to view a film on its own.

Click here to visit our donation page for more details on giving options and particular needs.