Expanding Cinema

Guest Anne Robertson, publicist Cynthia Baugham, and Cinema Manager Mary Fessenden at H.F. Johnson Museum, Cornell
Super 8 diarist Anne Robertson presented a five-hour performance at the Johnson Museum; she is pictured (in red) with Cornell Cinema manager Mary Fessenden and Cornell Cinema publicist Cynthia Baughman (in back)


Cornell Cinema Director Richard Herskowitz (1982–1994) began the EXPANDING CINEMA series in academic year 1983-84, when he also held the position of “adjunct curator of film and video” at the Johnson Museum of Art on campus.

Thematic series of experimental media were shown for free on Sunday afternoons in the museum’s Lecture Room with many of the screenings accompanied by presentations by guest artists and curators.

In the publication Ten Years of Expanding Cinema: Reminiscences of a Curator, published in 1992, Herskowitz wrote:

“Our publicity has called the EXPANDING CINEMA ‘Cornell Cinema’s venue for the most innovative and experimental works in its program.’ Yet I have never thought of it as an isolated laboratory for cinematic experiments, cut off from the more conventional films in the Cinema schedule. Rather, the EXPANDING CINEMA’s experimental media comment on and recontextualize mainstream media, shaping the critical and experimental attitude through which all films in the Cornell Cinema schedule ideally are meant to be viewed.”

EXPANDING CINEMA was supported by annual grants from the Cornell Council of the Creative and Performing Arts, with additional support provided by grants from the New York State Council on the Arts & the National Endowment for the Arts.


  • Tariq Ali
  • Sadie Benning*
  • Peer Bode
  • Donna Cameron
  • Tony Conrad
  • Paul & Menno de Nooijer*
  • Juan Downey
  • Cheryl Dunye
  • Bradley Eros
  • Steven Fagan
  • Steve Gallagher
  • Nan Goldin
  • Annie Goldson*
  • Larry Gottheim
  • DeeDee Halleck
  • Armin Heurich
  • Chris Hill
  • Ken Jacobs
  • Jon Jost
  • Gary Kibbins
  • Carole Ann Klonarides
  • George Kuchar
  • Richard Kwietniowski
  • Thomas Lewis
  • Jeanne Liotta
  • Tony Oursler
  • Anne Robertson
  • Nina Rosenblum
  • Mary Ross
  • Helen Upton
  • Johan van de Keuken
  • Michael Walsh
  • Robert Westbrook
  • Bruce & Norman Yonemoto
  • Julie Zando

*these artists were touring as guests of the Central New York Programmers’ Group