The cast of 'Hocus Pocus' with Joel Malina at an event

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Cornell Cinema screens 75+ films/videos each semester, some shown in conjunction with academic courses. Each semester-long schedule includes an array of classic Hollywood and foreign films, documentaries, recent international cinema, silent films with live musical accompaniment, cult classics, experimental work, and recent Hollywood and arthouse hits, in addition to guest appearances by visiting filmmakers. Many films are introduced by faculty or graduate students, and some are followed by faculty panel discussions and/or receptions.

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Films are arranged in thematic series organized as overviews of national and minority cinemas, explorations of contemporary topics, director and actor retrospectives, genre series, new digital restorations and more. Films are also shown in conjunction with conferences & symposia held on campus.

Twenty to thirty guest filmmakers and other speakers attend Cornell Cinema screenings each year, introducing and discussing their work, providing audience members an opportunity to engage directly with them. Some of these visitors are invited to campus by sponsoring departments and programs, and Cornell Cinema provides a high-quality screening facility for their visits.

Pictured: from the “live documentary” event The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller with filmmaker Sam Green and musical group Yo La Tengo performing a live score. Oct 2012

Accessibility Info:

Cornell Cinema has wheelchair and companion seating inside its theatre, and a lift to move from the outer to the inner lobby. Mobility-impaired patrons are encouraged to use this lift, as there are a number of stairs down to the inner lobby and the theatre entrance. The inner lobby also includes an accessible, gender-neutral washroom.

Cornell Cinema also has assistive listening headsets and closed caption readers available for checkout at the Box Office. Not all titles include descriptive audio or closed captions, but those that do will have this information noted on the individual film’s page within a week of its showdate. To check out one of these devices, please leave an ID with the Box Office.

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