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Films and Events

By presenting an eclectic mix of contemporary and classic films, series, and special events each semester, Cornell Cinema aims to expand access to, foster deeper appreciation of, and advance interdisciplinary teaching through the moving image work of filmmakers from around the globe.

scene from the film FANCY DANCE
Still from FANCY DANCE (2022, dir. Erica Tremblay)


Cornell Cinema presents more than 75 films each semester and each semester-long schedule features an an eclectic mix of contemporary and classic titles from across the globe. Many films are introduced by faculty or graduate students, feature special guest appearances by visiting filmmakers, and are presented in collaboration with Cornell courses, academic departments, and research centers.

scene from the film UTAMA
UTAMA (2022, dir. Alejandro Loayza Grisi)

Film Series

As a core part of our educational mission, Cornell Cinema organizes thematic series that explore the history of cinema as an industry and artform, offer a deeper understanding of the politics of image-making, and celebrate the work of filmmakers from across the globe. In our programming, we prioritize films that would not otherwise be available in the region, whose subjects resonate with the concerns of our local communities, and that reflect the diverse interests and experiences of our constituents.

The Alloy Orchestra performs with Sergei Eisenstein's STRIKE
The Alloy Orchestra performs with Sergei Eisenstein's STRIKE

Special Events

Cornell Cinema also offer regular opportunities for audiences to join in conversation with filmmakers, scholars, community leaders, and cinema staff to discuss films and the relevant artistic, social, and political questions they raise. Special events may include discussions with filmmakers, film screenings with live musical accompaniment, experimental performances, immersive media events, and more.

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