(Check covid.cornell.edu for further info on Cornell’s COVID policies and tracking info.)

What is Cornell Cinema doing differently because of Covid 19?

In compliance with Cornell University guidelines we are suggesting that all patrons wear a mask.

Is Cornell Cinema open to the general public?


Are there any additional guidelines for attending Cornell Cinema beyond those stipulated in Cornell’s Covid 19 Events page (covid.cornell.edu/events)?

No, we are following all guidance from Cornell. Should the guidance change in the above link, we will adopt it at the Cinema.

Is your Concession stand open?

Yes! So long as Cornell's Covid Alert level remains Green, our Concession stand will be open.

All-Access Pass

You can purchase your Digital All Access Pass here.

Do only Cornell Students get the student discount?

No! The student price for our Digital All-Access Pass is for any students at Cornell, Ithaca College, high school, or other college/schooling (even kids!). Our Graduate Student price is only for Cornell University Graduate & Professional Students, however.

I’m a Cornell Faculty/Staff member. Which Pass do I buy?

A: You can purchase the General Admission Pass.

I’m a CU Graduate/Professional Student and I’d like to purchase a Pass for my spouse/partner. Which Pass can they buy?

A: While Cornell Graduate/Professional Students qualify for a steeply discounted  Pass (thanks to a subsidy from the GPSA), we unfortunately cannot extend that discount to spouses/partners. They can purchase a General Admission Pass.

OK, so the Pass gets me in for free to all regularly-priced screenings? How do I check which special events I need to purchase a separate ticket for?

A: Use the special events link above (also can be found under our Events menu) for a list of all of our Special Events and guest speakers for the semester. Most of these events are indeed free with your All-Access Pass, but the few events for which the Pass is not accepted are listed there. Pass holders do receive a discount on Special Event ticket prices.

Can I purchase my Pass at the Cornell Cinema box office?

Yes, although we encourage patrons to purchase their All-Access Pass online to avoid creating a line at the Box Office.

Can I just show my digital Pass to the usher to get in?

No – you need to either reserve a ticket online in advance or head to the Box Office to redeem your Pass for a ticket.

Do I have to reserve my ticket in advance or can I get it at the Box Office?

You do not have to reserve your ticket in advance, but we encourage it! You get to skip the line at the Box Office and head right into the theatre to see the movie.

General Questions

What are your accessibility accommodations?

Cornell Cinema has wheelchair and companion seating inside its theatre, and a lift to move from the outer to the inner lobby. Mobility-impaired patrons are encouraged to use this lift, as there are a number of stairs down to the inner lobby and the theatre entrance. The inner lobby also includes an accessible, gender-neutral washroom.

Cornell Cinema also has assistive listening headsets and closed caption readers available for checkout at the Box Office. Not all titles include descriptive audio or closed captions, but those that do will have this information noted on the individual film’s page within a week of its showdate. To check out one of these devices, please leave an ID with the Box Office.

Is there a Lost and Found?

All items of $20 in value or more are sent to CU Police’s central Lost & Found. Anything below that value (water bottles, etc) and it’s probably here in the office! We clean out our Lost & Found at the end of every semester.