Cornell Cinema Advisory Board

The board is currently in a transitory phase, post-pandemic and before a new director begins her tenure in September 2022.

Ex-Officio Members

  • Chair of the Dept of Performing & Media Arts (PMA) – Sabine Haenni
  • Director, Cornell Cinema – Molly Ryan
  • Manager, Cornell Cinema – Doug McLaren
  • GPSA* appointee(s) - TBA 

Faculty Members

Cornell University Staff Member

  • Chris Riley, Senior Manager, Dept of Performing & Media Arts

*GPSA: The Graduate & Professional Student Assembly
Per the GPSA’s Byline Funding Guidelines, Item V. Obligations, Section 5.02, c. ii:
The GPSA shall have the option of appointing up to two graduate or professional students to serve as voting liaisons to each organization’s executive or governing body, or, where appropriate, its Advisory Board or Steering Committee.