image from the film Azor

image from the film AZOR

Argentina 1980. The “dirty war”; the military junta and the disappearances.

Amid this tense atmosphere, a Swiss private banker arrives to replace his partner, who has disappeared overnight. Discretion is everything as he and his wife navigate the high-finance world of Argentina’s ultra-elites, seeking answers when questions can’t be asked.

“Pure evil is all around in this unnervingly subtle, sophisticated movie; an eerie oppression in the air. Andreas Fontana is a Swiss director making his feature debut with this conspiracy drama-thriller, shot with a kind of desiccated blankness, about the occult world of super-wealth and things not to be talked about. The title is a Swiss banker’s code-word in conversation for ‘Be silent’.” (The Guardian)

“With its elegantly restrained cinematography, exquisitely understated performances, and quietly sumptuous production design, Azor embodies the same well-mannered urbanity as its protagonist.” (Slant Magazine)

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