‘Shaun of the Dead’ & Treats, 2 Film Restorations & Dash Shaw’s ‘Cryptozoo’

Cornell Cinema is hiring! Ever come see a movie and wonder how it is we get such a nice, beautiful image on the screen every night? Well it’s thanks to our head projectionist and his student projectionists, who are trained in the fine art of projection! We’re hiring projectionists for next semester—so consider joining our amazing team!! Fill out an application and send it in. 

It’s almost Halloween! To celebrate, we’re wrapping up an unofficial Edgar Wright series this weekend with his Shaun of the Dead, screening Saturday and Sunday! To put folks in the right mood, we’re offering $4 tickets to those who show up to the Box Office in costume! You were already heading to a costume party later that night, so why not get a cheap ticket to a great movie on the way? Treats will be offered as patrons exit!

But before that, explore the tunnels and sewers of Madrid Tuesday with a FREE screening of The Hidden City. Cecilia Lawless (Romance Studies) will moderate a virtual Q&A with director Victor Moreno, who will be joining us from the Canary Islands! The Hidden City delves into the world beneath our feet, illuminating the oft-neglected subterranean infrastructure that keeps a city functioning. 

We’re also screening two new restorations this week. The first, Mandabi, is director Ousmane Sembène’s follow up to his acclaimed debut, Black Girl. Mandabi was the first movie ever made in the Wolof language —a major step toward the realization of the trailblazing Senegalese filmmaker’s dream of creating a cinema by, about, and for Africans. This new restoration will screen Wednesday & Friday.

Center Stage (Thursday & Sunday), directed by Hong Kong New Wave master Stanley Kwan and starring the magnetic Maggie Cheung (In the Mood for Love), is a biopic about Chinese screen siren Ruan Lingyu, star of The Goddess, which we screened back in September. Kwan and Cheung paint a kaleidoscopic yet intimate portrait of the ill-fated actress, deftly blending lush period drama, archival footage, and metatextual documentary sequences of Cheung reflecting on Ruan’s legacy. The result is “tender, vivid and almost overwhelmingly moving.” (Time Out)

We’re also screening a new film by comics illustrator and animator Dash Shaw, Cryptozoo (pictured) (Thursday & Friday). One can get twisted into knots attempting to explain the plot for this one, but suffice it to say, Cryptozoo is a heady, psychedelic tale about cryptids and the young woman who has dedicated her life to rescuing and sheltering these mythical creatures. Maybe she should open a zoo to show off these fantastic beasts, or maybe that’s a bad idea? Who’s to say!

Finally, keep an eye out for another message later this week announcing new titles for November & December, including a replacement title for Annette, which is not available to us this Fall.

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image from the film CRYPTOZOO