image from the film Mandabi

image from the film MANDABI

Sembene’s first full-length feature, Mandabi (The Money Order) is an excellent and authentically Senegalese motion picture.

The story concerns an elderly family patriarch, a likably self-centered man of the old world with fragile pretensions to social distinction, who receives a money order from Europe, only to find himself faced with a maze of bureaucratic red tape to cash it.

Sharply satirical, the film is a comedy which slowly turns into a tragedy. “This is gentle, walking-pace cinema that leads us by the hand from vignette to vignette, from scene to scene, presented to us with ingenuous simplicity and calm." (The Guardian)

In Wolof & French.

Shown in a new 4K digital restoration!

Cosponsored with ASRC.


Subtitled • Restored