Film series: Global Animation

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image from The Wolf House

Travel the wide world of animation with this series of films from animators from around the globe!

Travelers of all ages are welcome to check out the short films from France, Germany, Brazil, Spain, The Netherlands, and Canada collected in the 20th Animation Show of Shows. Previously presented at Cornell Cinema in 2019, this hit program is being brought back for a new audience and is the perfect weekend escape for those wishing to take a break. The French/Romanian production Marona’s Fantastic Tale is a poignant story of an average dog and her extraordinary life, which the LA Times describes as “more thoughtful and emotionally realized than the carnival rides that dominate the American animated scene.”  

Head down to South America and the darker recesses of the human psyche with the Chilean stop-motion animation The Wolf House. Photographed to appear as one continuous shot, the film follows a young woman who has escaped from a sect of expatriate German religious fanatics. Inspired by an actual Chilean Nazi sect, this dark tale “fuses Grimm, the early shorts of David Lynch and the stop-motion work of Jan Švankmajer into a visually engrossing, reference-rich and disturbing tale.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Finally, the shorts collections New French Shorts 2020 and Sundance Film Festival Shorts Tour 2020 each feature an animated film: the bedtime ritual short Sheep, Wolf and a Cup of Tea… in New French Shorts, and the Canadian short about keeping cool, Hot Flash, in the Sundance program. 

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