Film series: Cine con Cultura Latinx American Film Festival

Student working on film projector

image from Nadie (Nobody)

Cornell Cinema collaborates once again with Ithaca’s Cine con Cultura Film Festival, an annual event that brings Latin American and Latinx films to the Ithaca area to commemorate Latinx Heritage Month. It is organized by Cultura Ithaca! and hosts screenings at Cinemapolis, Ithaca College, and Cornell. Highlights at Cornell include a visit by Cuban filmmaker Miguel Coyula (Memories of Overdevelopment), who will present his documentary Nadie (Nobody), the story of Rafael Alcides, the once celebrated writer of the Cuban revolution, who is now disillusioned and nearly forgotten. Coyula has created a pop-culture collage combining clips from old movies, photographs, and imaginary conversations, all held together by the magnetic personality of raconteur Alcides. Two feature films also premiere: Too Late to Die Young offers a languid portrait of three youths and their families living on a commune in the first summer of democracy’s return to Chile (1990), and Rojo, a noir-like thriller, that lays bare the complacency and corruption of pre-coup Argentina. Cornell Cinema’s screenings are cosponsored by the Latin American Studies Program. Learn more about the Cine con Cultura Festival at