Current Film Series: Spring 2024

A drone carrying digital images of two human eyes flying at dusk.
KRZYSZTOF WODICZKO: THE ART OF UN-WAR (dir. Maria Niro, 2022) Courtesy of Maria Niro, 2023.

Campus Collaborations

Animated image of a young girl wearing a cape and holding a crossbow in a forest.
WOLFWALKERS (dir. Tomm Moore & Ross Stewart, 2020)

Cartoon Saloon

A collage image of a face looking down at a city building.
BERLIN: SYMPHONY OF A GREAT CITY (dir. Walter Ruttmann, 1927)

Cinematic Cities

A close up image of a woman's face.
CLÉO FROM 5 TO 7 (dir. Agnès Varda, 1962)

French Film Festival

A man and a woman eating ramen noodles with chopsticks.
TAMPOPO (dir. Juzo Itami, 1985)

Introduction to Japanese Film

scene from the film A THOUSAND AND ONE
A THOUSAND AND ONE (dir. A.V. Rockwell, 2023)

New Visions, New Voices

A scowling bald man wearing an open tunic with gold embroidery.
THE KING AND I (dir. Walter Lang, 1956)

Rodgers & Hammerstein Musicals

A woman and two children standing in a room filled with television screens.
KOYAANISQATSI (dir. Godfrey Reggio, 1982)

Science on Screen®

A close up show of a man in a soldiers uniform.
MERRY CHRISTMAS, MR. LAWRENCE (dir. Nagisa Oshima, 1983)

Score by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Two girls in dresses at a party.
DOGTOOTH (dir. Yorgos Lanthimos, 2009)

Three by Yorgos Lanthimos

A woman in the back of the car with city lights reflected in the window.
RETURN TO SEOUL (dir. Davy Chou, 2023)

Worth a Watch