Crimes of the Future

Scene from the film Crimes of the Future
image from the film CRIMES OF THE FUTURE
image from the film CRIMES OF THE FUTURE

Body horror maestro Cronenberg returns with a darkly humorous and casually violent take on a future in which bodies metamorphose new organs and “surgery is the new sex.”

Celebrity performance artist Saul Tenser (Mortenson) showcases his organs as partner Caprice (Seydoux) operates. Meanwhile they are being chased by Timlin (Stewart) of the National Organ Registry.

“Few filmmakers slither under the skin and directly into the head as mercilessly as David Cronenberg. For decades, he has been unsettling audiences, derailing genre expectations and expanding the limits of big-screen entertainment with exploding heads, gasping wounds and desiring, suffering, metamorphosing bodies.…

“His latest, Crimes of the Future, is very tough and creepy, yet improbably relaxed; it’s a low-key dispatch from the end of the world.… For the most part, the world in Crimes of the Future resembles what you imagine everyday life might look like in a not-too-distant future, one defined by need, decay, violence, extreme entertainment and environmental catastrophes of our own wretched making. It is terrible, and eerily familiar. … with visual precision, arid humor, restrained melancholia and a wildly inventive vision of tomorrow that puts those of most movie futurists to shame, he reveals a world that can be agony to look at, exposing its pulpy innards much like Caprice opens up Saul.” (Manohla Dargis, NY Times)

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