image from the film RINGU
image from the film RINGU
image: RINGU

Television journalist Reiko investigates an urban legend about a cursed VHS tape that murders the viewer seven days after they watch it. As the mystery hits closer to home, Reiko joins forces with ex-husband/current-exorcist Takashi to destroy the curse. And (hopefully) survive an encounter with a ghost named Sadako.

Directed by Hideo Nakata, Ringu is the highest grossing Japanese horror movie in history, and it still manages to shred our nerves with its quiet, phantasmic elegance. This is the only VHS fetish movie in history to inspire an entire subgenre, as well as dozens of remakes and rip-offs.

Criminally absent from theaters since its original theatrical release in 1998, the time is now for Ringu to terrify the world. Again.

A special Halloween screening with costume contest, treats, and more!

more info at this website: www.americangenrefilm.com/theatrical-film-catalog/ringu

In Japanese with English subtitles