Raya and the Last Dragon

image from the film Raya and the Last Dragon

Image from the film RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON

When Raya (Kelly Marie Tran) was a child, she misguidedly placed her trust in the wrong people. As a result she unwittingly gave these deceivers the power to summon terrifying monsters back to her homeland of Kumandra. Desperate to fix her mistake, Raya seeks out the help of Sisu (Awkwafina), the legendary dragon whose magic helped to drive out these monsters five hundred years ago.

In order to help Sisu and save her home, Raya will need to learn how to trust people again. Disney brings their trademark fun and whimsey out in full force in this beautifully animated film inspired by the myths and legends of Southeast Asia. Adults and kids alike will enjoy this film, which is “Equal parts charming, empowering, and epic.” (Common Sense Media)

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