A Quiet Place Part II

image from the film A Quiet Place Part II

image from the film A QUIET PLACE PART II

The world has been overrun by hostile aliens. They are impossibly strong and fast, and normal weapons seem to have no effect on them. The only way to survive is to avoid detection. The aliens are blind but have an acute sense of hearing. Living in complete silence is the only way to avoid being hunted and killed.

After the events of the first film, the Abbot family has finally discovered a way to kill the aliens that have been plaguing the Earth. Armed with this new knowledge, they set out in search of other survivors in order to piece together some semblance of normal life. Daughter Regan (Millicent Simmonds) is deaf, presenting her and her family with unique advantages and disadvantages to navigating a silent world.

Director Krasinski shows a mastery of tension and cinematography in his ability to instill the same fear into viewers that the characters on screen are feeling. Some moviegoers report feeling too anxious to eat their popcorn, worried that it will break the silence that settles over the theater as the audience is drawn into the bleak world of the film.

“…an even fiercer and more emotional experience than the first installment.” (Screen Daily)

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