image from the film Orlando

image from the film ORLANDO

Based on the novel by Virginia Woolf, this is the lavish story of a young nobleman who lives through five hundred years of surreal adventures, nonchalantly changing into a woman midway through. A mischievous and marvelous film that explores the depths of history, fantasy, and gender. It also features some fabulous garden scenes in which Swinton “walks between vast yews in a maize, first in 18th century satins, then running away in the mist in a huge, billowing Victorian, green-black crinoline, almost like she’s wearing a hot air balloon, across the rough grass from the maze, out into the field where she falls and whispers fiercely into the turf 'Nature, nature I am your bride, take me’.” (The Telegraph) In English and French.

website: sallypotter.com/film/1198/Orlando