Il Bidone (The Swindle)

image from the film Il Bidone (The Swindle)

image from Fellini's film IL BIDONE (The Swindle)

Made in 1955, after La Strada and before Nights of Cabiria, a part of what Fellini called his “trilogy of solitude,” Il Bidone is an absorbing study of small-time, fun loving con-artists who fleece innocents by dressing as members of the church. Despite the generally seamy aspects of his characters and their ventures, Fellini depicts their pathos with humor: this is late early Fellini—slightly surreal, heading toward sublime.

Several incidents in the film reappear, in broader strokes, as major sequences in La Dolce Vita.

Please note: the voices of American actors Crawford and Basehart are dubbed in Italian.

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