The Garden

image from the film The Garden

image from the film THE GARDEN

From the ashes of the LA riots in 1992 rose a most amazing sight—a 14-acre community garden at 41st and Alameda in South Central Los Angeles, the largest community garden in the United States. This amazing oasis amidst urban blight, planted and operated by mostly low-income Latino families, received news in 2004 that they were being evicted, setting into motion a hard-fought legal battle that exposes corrupt politicians, back-room politics, and racism. As some politicians, including the soon-to-be-Mayor, smile for photo-ops among the vegetables while also stating their belief that nothing can be done, and bulldozers take up residence outside the garden gates, the farmers organize a surprisingly effective grassroots battle and win some skirmishes in the courts. But even as stars like Danny Glover and, especially, Darryl Hannah, take up the cause and bring national attention, the terrible outcome is never truly in doubt. Powerful, inspirational, heartbreaking and infuriating, in The Garden “the message is clear: No matter how well you till the land in Los Angeles, a toxic mess is never far away.” (SF Chronicle) Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.