The Conversation

Scene from the film The Conversation
image from the film THE CONVERSATION
image from the film THE CONVERSATION

Gene Hackman stars in this brilliant character study from director Francis Ford Coppola.

Throughout his varied career, Hackman has rarely evoked such stark pathos as he does in his portrayal of Harry Caul, a wiretapper of exceptional skill whose services are in high demand. His job: to record what is asked of him and nothing more. His personal motto is just as simple: Don’t get involved. This indifference has served him well, yet has also led to three murders that have since haunted him deeply. When given a new assignment that places a matter of life or death directly in his hands, Caul spirals into a world of doubt, where shocking twists reward the viewer in a get-under-your-skin kind of narrative that is as much about surveillance of others as it is about surveillance of oneself.

Written and directed in the same year as Coppola’s The Godfather Part II, this startling tapestry of alienation is not to be missed on the big screen—showing in a brand-new 35mm film print!