About Endlessness

image from the film About Endlessness

image from the film ABOUT ENDLESSNESS

Roy Andersson adds to his cinematic oeuvre with a reflection on human life in all its beauty and cruelty, its splendor and banality. Andersson himself calls this film “a collection of short, short poems about existence.”

Rumored to be the last film by the Swedish director—although we hope not—this film about endlessness is anything but, as it runs a trim 76 minutes. But you’ll experience a lifetime while watching these “quietly gorgeous” vignettes, that are “meditative, mournful and gently funny, and celebratory, too, but in a muted way. If you don’t know what kind of movie you’re in the mood for, this may be the one. It’s a tonic for listless times.” (Stephanie Zacharek, Time) In Swedish.

And don’t miss the companion offering to this film: a documentary about Andersson that centers on the making of About Endlessness, Being a Human Person, screening on September 7.

website: www.aboutendlessnessfilm.com/