Vengeance is Mine

A scene from Vengeance is Mine
image from the film VENGEANCE IS MINE (dir. Michael Roemer)
image from the film VENGEANCE IS MINE (dir. Michael Roemer)

Vengeance is Mine is a recently resurfaced drama, only now finding the audience it always deserved, starring Brooke Adams (Days of Heaven) as a woman trying to close old family wounds on a trip back to her childhood home in Massachusetts, but finds herself entangled in the messy world of her neighbor. Filmed in 1984 but never released theatrically, and only seeing a single television airing on PBS’s “American Playhouse” series under the title Haunted, this masterful New England drama about a woman finding her balance in life is finally seeing the light of day in a brand-new 35mm film print from The Film Desk.

“One of the masters of American cinema. Don't miss this.” (Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine)

“[Vengeance is Mine] feels simultaneously uninhibited and intensely private.” (NY Times)

Roemer is known for only two films, both masterpieces: Nothing But a Man (1964) and The Plot Against Harry (1971)...The rediscovery of a third Roemer feature as good as the others is a cause for celebration, and something of a miracle.” (A.S. Hamrah, Screen Slate)

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