The Two Sights

image from the film The Two Sights

image from the film THE TWO SIGHTS (Courtesy of The Cinema Guild)

The first solo feature from Joshua Bonnetta (co-director, El Mar La Mar), The Two Sights (An Dà Shealladh) explores the disappearing tradition of second sight in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

As we listen to locals' accounts of haunting experiences—phantom horses, ghost voices and other supernatural phenomena—Bonnetta connects their testimonies with striking 16mm images and a carefully-curated sonic montage of the physical and aural environment of these enchanted islands. The Two Sights is an ethnographic marvel of non-fiction filmmaking that thrills the eyes and ears and invites us into the extra-sensory beyond. 

“A meticulous and highly creative exploration, a geographic and atmospheric peregrination around these islands where the invisible has shone through over time.” (Cineuropa)

“Foregrounds listening as a privileged sense akin to a second sight, one better attuned to ghostly ephemeralities than the fogged and blurred vicissitudes of vision.” (The Brooklyn Rail)

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In Gaelic & English

Ithaca Premiere