image from the film Tazzeka

image from the film TAZZEKA

“In Jean-Phillipe Guad's debut feature film, the love and traditions shared and passed down between generations of family is at the center of the story of Elias, a young man born and raised in the Moroccan village of Tazzeka. He learned the art of cooking from his grandmother and has grown up dreaming of making it in the world of cuisine.” (MSP Film Society) Elias leaves home to pursue his dream in Paris. Instead he finds himself hiring out as a day laborer, and evading the immigration police in this gentle comedy-drama.

“Given how ably Gaud balances the tones and characters, it is a wonder that he hasn’t made a bigger name for himself. The man is a natural born storyteller, and with this empathetic eye turned towards the plight of immigrants and their aspirations, the movie is a powerhouse.” (Film Threat)

“…a portrait of south-to-north migration in the 21st century: All the deep hope and loss are here, as well as the small, life-saving grace that immigrants can show toward one another.” (Washington City Paper)

website: www.africanfilm.com/Tazzeka.html