Sing Me a Song

image from the film Sing Me a Song

Image from film SING ME A SONG

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In Happiness (2014), filmmaker Balmès chronicled 8 year-old Peyangki’s initiation into a monastery and the arrival of electricity to his remote Bhutan village. In his new film, ten years have passed, and the filmmaker finds the teenage monk tied to his mobile phone, pursuing a romance over WeChat with a bar singer in Bhutan’s capital.

“The visually poetic, observational nonfiction film Sing Me a Song follows a young Bhutanese monk named Peyangki as he personally experiences digital disruption. Constructed more like a coming-of-age drama than a documentary, it spins a fascinating tale of romantic melancholy played out against the peaceful, meditative backdrop of the Himalayas.… Balmès’ juxtaposition of hardscrabble rural existence and urban life where anything can be commodified—even dreams—presents a captivating portal into a less familiar culture.” (LA Times)

 In Dzongkha. 

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Subtitled • Ithaca Premiere