Scene from the film RR
image from the film RR
image from the film RR

RR is the last to-date celluloid production of avant-garde master James Benning…There are 43 static shots, each of a different train in a different part of America. Each begins roughly when a train enters the frame and ends usually around the time it exits the frame and altogether they make the case for the innate beauty of locomotives and celluloid better than just about any film we can think of.” (Chicago Film Society)

“The landscapes, the colors, the distances, the close-up-blurs-to-extreme-long-shots that intentionally recall the Lionel HO-scale train sets of the 1950s and '60s — Benning's film invites us to spend time looking at a fundamental feature of our world, one from which car culture, Internet life, and our general discomfort with the smell, sound and perceived danger of the rails keeps us separate.” (Nashville Scene)

“The film is called RR, but I like to call it ‘Railroad,’ because RR sounds like a pirate movie.” (James Benning)