Reefer Madness

image from the film Reefer Madness

image from film REEFER MADNESS

An evil disease sweeps through the land, sapping the youth of their vitality and vigor: the evil weed, the wacky tabacci… reefer. This camp classic, an outrageous anti-dope propaganda film from the early days of the drug’s prohibition in the US, chronicles the depravity of an unlucky youth driven mad by the munchies. One of the most absurdly earnest exercises in paranoia that you’ll ever see, and great fun, too. Remember: there is no smoking in Willard Straight Hall.

This special 2K presentation of Reefer Madness comes loaded with all sorts of giggling goodies, featuring vintage trailers, commercials and ephemera from the American Genre Film Archive vaults!

“The ultimate camp film: a sensationalistic account of a subject its filmmakers obviously knew nothing about.” — (Danny Peary, Cult Movies)

Reefer Madness (AGFA trailer) from American Genre Film Archive on Vimeo.