Scene from the film Piggy
scene from the film PIGGY

Spanish director Carlota Pereda’s chilling, debut horror film follows Sara, the teenager daughter of a local butcher who is tormented by her classmates because of her weight. After she witnesses the violent abduction of her bullies by a mysterious stranger, Sara struggles to decide whether to intervene or leave the merciless teens to their apparent fate.

A social commentary on the consequences of online bullying, Pereda’s visceral film brings Carrie-like vengeance to a small Spanish town, with bloody butcher shop scenes that underscore the violent threat of a serial killer on the loose and the revenge fantasies of a tormented teenager.

World Premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival and Winner of Best Horror Picture at the 2022 Fantastic Festival. Part of our New Visions, New Voices series.

more info at this website: morenafilms.com/en/portfolio/cerdita/

In Spanish with English subtitles