image from the film Nomadland

image from the film NOMADLAND

Deep in rural Nevada, Fern (Frances McDormand), a widow in her sixties, loses her job and home after the gypsum plant closes and brings the industry town down with it. With her town’s zip code wiped off the map, Fern decides to purchase and live in a van while traveling the country and looking for jobs.

Fern’s solitary wandering, however, is a far cry from despair—she finds friendship, community, and solace in others who are also living a nomadic lifestyle. Nomadland is a meandering trek through the expansive American West that loves to linger on the intimate conversations between the people who were left behind by America and its economic upheaval.

“McDormand does so much with a glance or a wry smile that other actors couldn’t convey with an entire monologue. We see a whole life in this performance. Every beat and every choice has history behind it. It’s one of the best career performances from one of our best actresses. It’s just breathtaking.” (

Winner of the 2020 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Director and Actress.


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