Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always

Scene from the film Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always
image from the film NEVER, RARELY, SOMETIMES, ALWAYS
image from the film NEVER, RARELY, SOMETIMES, ALWAYS

Being 17 is hard enough, without dealing with the terrifying realities of an unplanned pregnancy in rural USA.

Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always portrays the experience of Autumn, a teenager from Pennsylvania as she contemplates her future, crossing state lines with her cousin Skylar to seek an abortion in New York City.

As Justin Chang from NPR notes, director Eliza Hittman “paints a matter-of-fact portrait of two young women in a difficult but all-too-believable situation, in which there are no easy answers.”

Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always offers raw, heartfelt performances to reflect on choice, bodily autonomy, and the bonds of female friendship.

“[The] hurdles to an abortion are as legion as they are maddening and pedestrian, a blunt political truism that Hittman brilliantly connects to women’s fight for emancipation.” (NY Times)

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