maɬni–towards the ocean, towards the shore

image from the film maɬni–towards the ocean, towards the shore

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image from film malni–towards the ocean, towards the shore

Introduction by Jeff Palmer, PMA

A poetic experimental documentary circling the Origin of Death myth from the Chinookan people in the Pacific Northwest, maɬni–towards the ocean, towards the shore follows two people as they wander through their surrounding nature, the spirit world, and something much deeper inside. maɬni accompanies Sweetwater Sahme and Jordan Mercier on their separate paths, as they contemplate the afterlife, rebirth, and the place in-between. Sky Hopkina’s roaming and intuitive travelogue will have audiences thinking (and dreaming) about it long after.

“Hopinka subtly inverts the tropes of the ethnographic documentary to depict indigenous life from an indigenous perspective.” (Cinema Scope)

“Rapturous. Feels like a richly woven ghost story." (Ela Bittencourt, Hyperallergic)

maɬni (pronounced moth-nee) is an expansion of many of the themes that have permeated Sky Hopinka’s work to date: the contemporary lives of First Peoples in the US, the survivance of Native spiritualities and cosmologies, and the avant-garde tradition of landscape cinema as inflected by specifically Native ecological traditions.” (MUBI)

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Subtitled • Ithaca Premiere