Home of the Brave

Scene from the film Home of the Brave
scene from the film HOME OF THE BRAVE

Home of the Brave is a compelling, visually dynamic concert film and Laurie Anderson’s directorial debut. Compiled of live performances filmed during her first world tour,  the film includes songs from her 1984 album 1984’s “Mister Heartbreak” and selections from her 1983 “United States” show, along with eclectic, experimental visuals blending film, animation, dance and electronics.

As Anderson describes, “My work is a combination of film, music, electronics, storytelling, dancing, social commentary, impersonation, animation and anything else I come up with. What I do has been  described as ‘high-tech opera,’ ‘live art,’ ‘electronic stand-up comedy,’ ‘avant-rock,’ and that clumsy label ‘performance art,’ which always sounded to me like a bad translation from German. Fortunately, nobody knows what ‘performance art’ refers to.” (Variety)

Part of the College of Arts & Sciences' special Arts Unplugged event Building an Ark: A Conversation with Pioneering Artist Laurie Anderson on Innovation and Storytelling