High Life

image from the film High Life

image from the film HIGH LIFE

The acclaimed French director Claire Denis (Let the Sunshine In, Beau Travail) goes sci-fi in her first English-language feature. “High Life is as weird and wonderful a film as Claire Denis has made in years, and while it is indeed a dystopian space tale, its core is the messy human stuff that Denis has always been so good at examining: the relationship between a father and his infant daughter, the complicated allegiances formed by sexual attraction, the taboos that make us human. Pattinson stars as Monte, a galactic vagabond floating in a space ship alone with his daughter, years after he and several death row inmates were allowed to save their lives by agreeing to embark on a one-way exploratory mission into a distant galaxy.… Aided by stunning production design by leading visual artist Olafur Eliasson, Denis creates a mood that is both ominous and surprisingly tender, proving once again that her trademark is the unexpected.” (Tournees Film Festival)

“Denis bends science fiction to her will… At a time when the Earth itself seems to be hurtling toward doom, the presence of genuine wonder and new life in the film carries a sliver of optimism. In the face of the void, in the farthest reaches of outer space, humanity persists.” (The Verge)

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