Good Night Oppy

scene from the film GOODNIGHT OPPY
scene from the film GOODNIGHT OPPY

Discover the incredible journey of Opportunity, an exploration rover sent to Mars in 2003 by a team of scientists and researchers that included Cornell professor emeritus Steven W. Squyres.

Initially predicted to survive on the planet for ninety days, the rover—affectionately nicknamed “Oppy”—continued to explore the red planet far beyond her expiration date, lasting nearly fifteen years on the planet's surface gathering data to feed back to NASA. This moving documentary interrogates the significance of Opportunity's endurance for the future of interstellar discovery.

Cornell Professor Emeritus Steven Squyres, who is featured in the film, will join for a Zoom Q&A after the film!

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Sponsored by the Cornell Ann S. Bowers College of Computing and Information Science and in partnership with Cornell Engineering and the College of Arts & Sciences.

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