The Girl and the Spider

Scene from the film The Girl and the Spider
image from the film THE GIRL AND THE SPIDER
image from the film THE GIRL AND THE SPIDER

“[A] mesmerizing, uniquely ambiguous study of friendship, rivalry, tension, and memory. It is difficult to remember another recent film that does so much with so little in the way of plot and location.… Chief among its delights are its stars. Liliane Amuat plays Lisa, who is moving to her own apartment and leaving behind her roommate Mara (Henriette Confurius). The relationship between the two is warm but strained, the exact reasons for this move unexplained.

Spider moves between Lisa’s new apartment and the one being vacated. In the latter we meet a series of similarly aged neighbors, whose connections with Mara and Lisa are left purposely puzzling. A handyman becomes a figure of desire while other denizens––some children, an old woman missing her now-departed cat … and even some other folks in the neighborhood circle in and out.…

“Ramon and Silvan Zürcher have crafted an extraordinarily patient, emotionally probing, deeply moving film that engages with and profoundly understands the complexities of life.” (The Film Stage)

Winner of the Encounters Award for Best Director at the Berlin International Film Festival

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Ithaca Premiere
In German with English subtitles