Gallery of Monsters


Jaque Catelain


11/09/2019 - 7:00pm


Jaque Catelain, Lois Moran, Jean Murat

Special Notes

Live accompaniment by The Alloy Orchestra!

Special Pricing: $14 general / $12 students ($3 off for All-Access Pass holders)

Release year/country

1924 France




1 hr 15 mins


When Ralda’s father forbids her marriage to Riquet, she runs off with her fiance to join the circus, where they become a dancer and a clown, but are abused by their tyrannical employer. After a lion nearly kills Ralda when she refuses the tyrant’s advances, they join forces with their fellow performers to plot revenge.Fast paced, full of fascinating sideshow characters, and rapid-fire editing techniques decades ahead of their time, this circus picture, the Alloy Orchestra’s favorite genre, was made for film director Marcel L’Herbier’s (L’Inhumaine) production company, and some sources list L’Herbier as a co-director.

The film, an unheralded gem, has been scarcely seen for decades, but was kept in excellent condition by L’Herbier’s family. Film preservationist Serge Bromberg’s company Lobster Films in France is doing the restoration, so it will be magnificent.

The Alloy Orchestra’s score was commissioned by Indiana University Cinema and the Indiana University Office of the Bicentennial.

Cosponsored with the Cornell Council for the Arts & the Dept of Romance Studies


Please note:

The trailer below is from an unrestored version of the film and the music with it is not the Alloy's.