The French Dispatch

image from the film The French Dispatch

image from the film THE FRENCH DISPATCH

When the long-time editor (Bill Murray) of the newspaper The French Dispatch passes away suddenly from a heart attack, it is revealed that his final wish is for the publication to die with him. His will lays out his desire for a farewell issue to be published featuring re-printings of the paper’s three greatest stories and his own obituary.

Now the reporters and staff of the paper must track down their publication’s most impactful articles, all while mourning the loss of their friend and of the long, storied newspaper.

The film is told as a series of short stories, as the newspaper staff find and read The French Dispatch’s most famous articles. The latest outing of legendary director Wes Anderson, which The New Yorker calls “perhaps Anderson’s best film to date [and] certainly his most accomplished.”

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