Flowers of Shanghai (on demand Jan 26–Feb 6)

image from the film Flowers of Shanghai (on demand Jan 26–Feb 6)

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image from the film FLOWERS OF SHANGHAI

Meticulously detailed in its use of studio-set artifice and period décor, Flowers of Shanghai adapts a nineteenth-century novel set amidst the world of courtesans with characteristic formal daring.

Avoiding cuts entirely, Hou has each scene in his film play out as a long take, introduced and concluded with a fade. The carefully uninflected pacing gives the impression of a world where time is suspended, an effect heightened by the film’s gaslit, entirely interior settings.

Incidentally, it boasts the starriest cast of Hou’s career, from Wong Kar-Wai muse Tony Leung Chiu-wai in the lead to Hou regular-cum-pop-idol Anne Shizuka Inoh in a small cameo.

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