image from the film Encanto

image from the animated film ENCANTO

In the Madrigal family’s greatest time of need, when they were left without a home and fleeing for their lives, they were blessed with a miracle. An Encanto, a magical place safe from unwelcome intruders, and within it an enchanted house for the family to live in. Their blessings continued, as each child who grew up in the house was gifted with a magical power.

Each member of the family uses their abilities to help the community, turning the little town within the Encanto into a veritable paradise. Each member, that is, except Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz). Mirabel did not receive a power when she came of age, and struggles with fitting in with her sisters and cousins.

But now, the family’s magic is beginning to fade, and their house is beginning to crumble. It will be up to Mirabel to discover the source of her family’s magic and what is causing it to fail, and to restore her family’s miracle before it is too late.

With original songs by Lin Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame). It is a musical full of heart and heart-touching moments, with animation that the NY Times called “some of the best from any major studio in the last several years.”

more info at this website: movies.disney.com/encanto