Dressed in Blue

Scene from the film Dressed in Blue
image from the film DRESSED IN BLUE (VESTIDA DE AZUL)

From queer and underground distributor Altered Innocence (Knife + Heart, The Wild Boys, Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution) comes the HD restoration of a celebratory and revealing look at some of those most marginalized by the Francoist regime, in the wake of democracy’s arrival.

A group of transgender sex workers discuss with themselves and the audience the realities of their transitions, their work, their loves and their lives.

“Director Antonio Giménez Rico gathers six women to discuss their experiences both personally and communally, and sets up a subtly tricky blend of fiction and reality, allowing the women to speak candidly and in some cases recreate their social, medical, and sexual experiences. The film also places the radicalism of the Modrileña in a broader context, with interviews of older subjects describing how drastically things had changed for their profession before and after the fall of Franco.” (Tone Madison)

more info at this website: www.alteredinnocence.net/dressedinblue

In Spanish with English subtitles