Dos Estaciones

Scene from the film Dos Estaciones
image from the film DOS ESTACIONES

Dos Estaciones follows fifty-year-old businesswoman María García (Sánchez), the owner of Dos Estaciones, a once-majestic tequila factory now struggling to stay afloat.

The factory is the final hold-over from generations of Mexican-owned tequila plants in the highlands of Jalisco, the rest having folded to foreign corporations.

Once one of the wealthiest people in town, María knows her current financial situation is untenable. When a persistent insect plague and an unexpected flood cause irreversible damage, she is forced to do everything she can to save her community's primary economy and source of pride. 

“At once specific and expansive, Dos Estaciones can be described several ways: as a drama, a character study, a meditative exploration of the ravages of globalization. At the same time, part of the movie’s pleasure is how it avoids facile categorization…” (Critic's Pick, Manohla Dargis, NY Times)

Winner of a Special Jury Award for Acting at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

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Ithaca Premiere
In Spanish with English subtitles