Carl Sagan’s Cosmos (Ep 6) and Q&A with Ann Druyan [AT CAPACITY]

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos (Ep 6) and Q&A with Ann Druyan
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This event is at capacity and free tickets are sold out. Ticket holders will be admitted beginning at 6:30pm. In the event of cancellations or no shows, a waiting line will be available at the Cornell Cinema box office. 

Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, written by Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, and Steven Soter, was the most-viewed series in American television history for a decade after its release in 1980. Cornell Professor Carl Sagan inspired children and adults alike as he shared the wonders of the universe, highlighting humans throughout history who have dared to dream of these worlds.

As part of their “Voyager Spacecraft Week,” the Cornell Astronomical Society joins Cornell Cinema in presenting Cosmos episode 6: Traveler’s Tales. Carl Sagan transports us to 17th century Holland, where Dutch explorers and astronomers found freedom to question the natural world. Later, we explore the voyages of interplanetary spacecraft, and their groundbreaking views of the outer planets.

Free admission! There will be Cosmos Swirl ice cream provided by Cornell Dairy between 6:30 and the start of the program at 7 PM.

After the showing, Carl Sagan’s wife and co-producer Ann Druyan will feature in a live Q&A with the audience. In addition to her work on Cosmos in 1980, Ann Druyan was the writer and producer for the two newer seasons of Cosmos (A Spacetime Odyssey in 2014 and Possible Worlds in 2020). She has written and co-written dozens of books, television shows, and movies, including six books with Carl Sagan and the film adaptation of Contact. She was also a member of the Voyager Golden Record team, which selected pictures, sounds, and music from Earth to cast out into space; her heartbeat and brain waves will roam the stars for millions of years.

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