Cane Fire

Scene from the film Cane Fire
image from the film CANE FIRE
image from the film CANE FIRE

Using a mixture of found footage, YouTube travelogues and clips from numerous Hollywood productions, Anthony Banua-Simon tells the story of the Indigenous and working-class residents of Kaua’i (Hawaii) who have constantly found themselves reduced to “extras” in the story of their own land and their own lives, including the director’s own.

A story of labor organization, hyper-gentrification, and cinema’s relationship with one of the most photographed areas of land in film history, Cane Fire is a searing investigation of the imbalance between the on-screen and the off-screen.

Cane Fire juggles [various] elements to construct a multi-faceted exploration of the island and its peoples, crucially taking aim at the encrusted myths that displace the truth of this ‘paradise’ in the American imagination.” (In Review Online)

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