Blue Velvet

Scene from the film Blue Velvet
image from the film BLUE VELVET
image from the film BLUE VELVET

There's something going on behind the white picket fences of Lumberton. And after stumbling upon a severed human ear in a field, mystery-loving college student Jeffrey Beaumont is determined to find out what.

Teaming up with the daughter of a local police detective, Jeffrey's investigation leads him into a strange world of sensuality and violence, with the intrigue of the missing ear seemingly stemming from the relationship between a troubled nightclub singer and a sociopathic sadomasochist.

Blue Velvet does more than take its cue from its hero’s stunned naïveté; it instills in the audience the vertiginous sensations of discovering and moving through the adult world as a precocious and suggestible kid might.” (Dennis Lim, The Man from Another Place)

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