Blue Island

Scene from the film Blue Island
image from the film BLUE ISLAND

Despite their initial promise that Hong Kong would retain separate status until 2047, the Chinese state has made its plans to break this promise abundantly clear in recent years.

In Blue Island, Chan Tze-woon both mourns and celebrates Hong Kong’s history of resistance and revolution since 1967 until today, as “a desperate attempt to capture the final moments of a sinking island.” With its combination of archival footage and fictional recreations, starring contemporary student protestors, many of whom were awaiting imprisonment whilst they acted in the film, is as much a product of bravery and defiance as the protests it documents. “[A] film like Blue Island really epitomizes the power of cinema in preserving the truth, which is no small feat, and in the current reality of Hong Kong, a valiant victory.” (Vcinema)

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Ithaca Premiere
In Cantonese and Mandarin with English subtitles