All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt

Still from the film All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt
still from the film ALL DIRT ROADS TASTE OF SALT

Visually lush and sweeping in scope, All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt is a poignant and richly sensorial portrait of a Black woman's life in Mississippi.

Each scene represents a snapshot in the life of Mackenzie, better known as Mack, among her friends and family: as a child in the year 1970, learning how to fish with her father; as a teenager, flirting with her best-friend-turned-crush; being cradled as a baby by her mother. The film moves freely in time, reveling in the beauty of nature and the minutiae of human connection—a pair of intertwined hands, a slow, swaying dance, a lingering hug—as its characters contend with love, loss, grief, joy, and the unexpected moments that shape a life.

Shot on 35mm film, the feature debut from award-winning poet, photographer, and filmmaker Raven Jackson is a haunting and richly layered portrait, a beautiful ode to the generations of people and places that shape us.

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