image from the film Ága

image from the film ÁGA

“Living in a yurt in frozen, end-of-the-earth Siberia, an Arctic indigenous couple, Nanook and Sedna, are self-sufficient, aided by their sled-dog and an occasional visitor. But their lives are changing: ice-fishing is not as productive, the ice is melting earlier each year, and wildlife is struggling to survive. They differ on whether or not to make amends with their estranged daughter, Ága, who left this remote tundra years ago to work in a diamond mine. When Sedna falls ill, Nanook embarks on an arduous journey to find her. Staggeringly photographed in widescreen (“Director Milko Lazarov and his cinematographer Kaloyan Bozhilov never cease to amaze.” – Screen Daily) and suffused with ethnographic detail and empathy for the traditions of its isolated characters, Ága is an immersive, one-of-a-kind visual experience.” (Film Forum)

In Saka (aka Yakut) with English subtitles.

website: bigworldpictures.org/films/aga