Venue Rental and Advertising

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Rental Inquiries

We are accepting rental requests for Fall 2019!

If your student group or academic department is interested in holding a film screening in Willard Straight Theatre, please coordinate with Douglas McLaren, Cinema Manager, to reserve a time for a reasonable rental fee. Times when Cornell Cinema is presenting public programs are not available; Mondays and Tuesdays are often available.

Any rental requires at least 3 weeks advance booking. Please contact Douglas McLaren, Cinema Manager, for more information at

For non-film related bookings: several weekends per semester are reserved for non-film student group use. Reservations must be made with Student and Campus Life. Interested students should contact them directly at

Onscreen Advertising

Cornell Cinema, Ithaca's year-round film festival, is excited to move into the second year of on-screen advertising in Willard Straight Theatre, presenting 10-15 minutes of screen time before all regular screenings.

Why Advertise at Cornell Cinema?

During the academic year, Cornell Cinema typically presents 5-7 different films per week, ranging from classic, to foreign, to documentary, to arthouse. These are screened in repertory style five nights a week, Wednesday through Sunday—two shows on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday—in the historic Willard Straight Theatre on Cornell University’s campus, for a total of 10 screenings per week. The variety of films shown attracts a wide demographic of undergraduate and graduate students, Cornell faculty and staff, and community members. Average attendance per screening is 60. This kind of exposure offers advertisers a unique opportunity!

Why On-Screen Advertising?

  • Movie-goers are a captive audience for digital on-screen advertising, and studies have shown that recall of slides is 4 times more likely than that of newspapers and 3 times more likely than television.
  • Your on-screen ad will run at least twice for at least 10 seconds each in at least the 10 minutes before films screen in the Willard Straight Theatre.* This ensures your slide will come up while people take their seats before the movie begins.
  • The cost, especially for long-term advertising, is extremely reasonable for the amount of exposure you receive.
  • You are welcome to provide your own slide, which should measure 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels high.


  • $35 per week
  • $100 for 4 weeks ($25 per week)
  • $300 per semester (14 weeks)
  • $500 per academic year (28 weeks)

for more information or to book an ad, contact Douglas McLaren at

*Please note that slides may not run before some special guest events. Actual time slide is projected and number of views may be more, but will not be less!

Co-Presentation Program

Cornell Cinema accepts a limited number of proposals from faculty members, campus departments and programs, student organizations, and community groups for incorporation into Cornell Cinema's schedule. Proposals most likely to be accepted are those with broad audience appeal, where work is available in a higher quality format than DVD, and when being requested for a class, enrollment is at least 40 and students are required to attend the screenings. Proposals that come with the offer of financial assistance stand a better chance of being accepted. Proposals typically need to be submitted a semester in advance. Inquiries can be sent to Cinema Director Mary Fessenden at

If your proposal is not accepted for inclusion in Cornell Cinema's schedule, you may still be able to have the work shown in Willard Straight Theatre via our Rental Program.