Contemporary World Cinema

We bring five stellar recent foreign language films your way, and all but Neruda are Ithaca premieres. These film festival favorites represent but a small portion of the innovative work being produced around the globe. I Am Not Madame Bovary uses an innovative circular aspect ratio to frame the painterly images veteran Chinese filmmaker Xiaogang Feng uses to tell a comic story of one woman’s epic quest for revenge. Brazilian director Anna Muylaert’s latest film, Don’t Call Me Son, features a terrific performance by androgynous actor Naomi Nero as a cross-dressing teenager meeting his biological parents for the first time; and French master André Téchiné explores the contentious relationship between two adolescent boys living in the French Pyrenees in Being 17.

Cornell Cinema will also be screening Jolly LLB 2, a recent Bollywood title, sponsored by the Cornell India Association, featuring free samosas and chai!