Recently Restored Classics

Join us as we screen an exciting array of new restorations: some old art house standbys, and some wonderful rediscoveries, including: Gillo Pontecorvo’s The Battle of Algiers; Philip Kaufman’s adaptation of Richard Price's ’71 debut novel The Wanderers; a classic ode to all things ramen with Tampopo; the Scorsese-directed concert doc The Last Waltz; Whit Stillman’s satire of the urban haute bourgeoisie in Metropolitan; Julie Dash’s groundbreaking independent film, Daughters of the Dust; and a double dose of swingin’ Pre-Code classics with It, starring Clara Bow, and Gold Diggers of 1933, shown in a 35mm film print preserved by the Library of Congress and featuring Busby Berkeley's out-of-this-world choreography! Cornell professor Louis Hyman (ILR) will introduce three of the films: It, Gold Diggers and Metropolitan. Professor Samantha Sheppard (PMA) will introduce the April 22 screening of Daughters of the Dust.

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